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20 Years of Spurriergate

On Wednesday 21st  October the One Voice Prayer Breakfast was held at the Spurriergate Centre.

As well as enjoying a rather excellent full English breakfast, and having good fellowship around the tables, we had the joy of celebrating 20 years of the work of the centre.

The Spurriergate centre has been a source of good food and drink, and a place for ministry in the city centre for 20 years this week.

We watched a presentation of the work of the centre that was based around comments that people had left as feedback. As you would expect there were many kind remarks left about the food, as well as a particularly fine comment on the Earl Grey tea.

What was more distinctive were the comments left by people who consider Spurriergate to be their community- a place where they have a sense of ownership, and a feeling of belonging. Also it was encouraging to hear the special stories of those visitors to York who have been helped at their point of greatest need by ‘just dropping in’ to the centre.

Lots of events happen every week at the centre from alpha to prayer to knitting! To each event there is a group of people who feel connected to the centre and in doing so are connected to church.

The centre is also home to a highly professional counselling service, which although it has a waiting list, is a ‘premier’ service in the city.

We also heard about the sister project in Scarborough, The Rainbow Centre that has been birthed with the support of Spurriergate.

Encourage everyone to use Spurriergate, as their first choice for refreshments in the city centre  – it is a great place , and long may it continue!


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