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A New Focus on Revival

Over recent weeks One Voice has been reminded of it’s basic purpose of praying for revival in our city. Leaders have continued to pray with even greater fervour for a move of God amongst our churches. On 7th May Doug Greenfield brought us some thoughts on revival which are captured here.

IT IS OF INTEREST at this time when so many are asking God to bring a fresh touch of spiritual revival upon our churches & on into the life of the country, to recall that almost without exception the history of revivals carries with it certain preconditions. In other words, God says to his people, “If my people…then I will…”  

These conditions No’s 1-3 applied to the revivals in Swaledale Yorkshire, 1859  Ulster,  1904  South Wales,  Rwanda,  Hebrides, & Cornwall. Signs following the fulfillment of these conditions are stated in No’s 4-8.

1. A group of people, often small in number, exercised about the spiritual  state of the area where they were living & being prepared not to let God go until in the words of Jacob “unless you bless me”. Gen.32.26.

2. Perseverance in prevailing, intercessory prayer.

3. Confessions, forgiveness, healing of relationships.

4. Powerful preaching of the word of God with signs following.

5. Sharing of personal testimonies to real conversions.

6. Healings, confirmed by medical evidence.

7. Demonstrations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit   

8. Crowds  flocking into churches with one cry on their lips – “What meaneth this?” Joshua 4.6.

This appears to be the way God has chosen to work, the key to revival in city, nation & world.

Douglas Greenfield 7th May 2008

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