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April Networking Day

On Wednesday April 26th One Voice held a Networking morning which started after our normal hour of prayer.

As part of the morning we were pleased to welcome a visit by Alistair Cole, an Elim minister who heads up their prayer network.

Alistair brought us news of a prayer movement all over our nation. He related how more prayer activity is taking place currently in our nation than at any other time in his 30 year ministry or that of his father before him. Alistair reminded us that no revival ever started without a foundation in prayer.

Dr Martin Lloyd Jones once described revival as being “a re-enactment of the day of Pentecost”. Alistair went on to say that we should take heart at the state of preparation amongst the thousands of prayer groups, the involvement in Prayer week, the Global Day of Prayer, and the 24/7 movement. This all bides well for the return of revival to our nation within this generation.

He went on to tell us that every 25 minutes 3000 people in our world come to faith in Christ – that is 7200 per hour and almost 173000 per day. Prayer has brought this great wave of new converts all over the world and the UK is sitting on the edge of its turn. We were told that many prophecies have spoken of a time of judgement coming upon our nation followed by a time of visitation on the church, what we call revival. The late Selwyn Hughes defined revival as “a supernatural floodtide of God’s power – a deluge so powerful that men and women outside the church will be forced to sit up and take notice”.

Tipping Point
Alistair based his talk to us on the book of Habakkuk, and he described how the prophet was a man with a burden, a vision and a prayer. He showed us how we too were in a position like Habakkuk and that our nation was truly at a tipping point.

There was a general agreement that Alistair had stretched out thinking and sowed excitement into our spirits!

Afterwards David Casswell, joint chair of One Voice, led a discussion on the development of One Voice as a group. There was agreement that we were a ministry based in prayer, a group for developing relationship out of which mission could be birthed.


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