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Being Part of One Voice

Currently One Voice is a group of church and ministry leaders from across the city praying together every week (Wed 7.45am at the URC) and who stage various events that have a prayer or mission objective.

A core ministry of One Voice York is the Wednesday morning prayer when we focus on prayer for revival in the city. Our motto has become “What could God do in a city where the leaders pray together?” Methodist, Anglican, Pentecostal, Catholic, Baptist and most forms of new church represented, as well as leaders of Christian ministries in the city.

A One Voice church or ministry is one that would like to be identified with the above by their leader attending (whether regularly or from time to time), or by supporting some or all of the various mission initiatives.

There is no formal membership or subscription required. If you would like to commit to engaging with us and be listed as a One Voice church or ministry please let us know.

Not having had a formal income for many years, some churches have been contributing substantially. OVY is now inviting subscriptions to help us with funding the OVY initiatives. £25 per church per annum would be gratefully received although there is no ceiling on voluntary contributions. No subscription is required to be listed as a One Voice church or ministry.

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