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Bles-Sing Over York

Early in 2012 leaders representing One Voice went to the Evangelical Alliance’s ‘Gather Conference’. During this conference, Graham Kendrick led a new initiative he calls “Bles-sing over” which mixes intercessory prayer with worship.

These leaders were unanimous that we needed to release this ministry in York, and so on Saturday 3rd November Graham Kendrick came to Archbishop Holgate’s School in York for ‘Bles-sing over York’.

Around 200 people gathered to take part with Graham who took Psalm 32 as a starting point and sang words from the psalm and we joined in and repeated them back to him.

Graham worked with some local instrumentalists who were able to follow him and improvise with him.

Focussing the words of this psalm and other scriptures on York we sang them together as blessings over the city. We particularly sang peace over each other, over the city and over our churches. The format was unlike anything that is seen in church and so all of us were out of our comfort zone. This helped with the unity as scriptures were brought with pictures and prophecies.

There were a number of memorable lines that we sang, especially that of the feet of Jesus on the stones of our streets.

This was a night to remember and a most special One Voice event.

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