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Breakfast with Angela Harrison

It was great to welcome Angela Harrison, Chief Exec of York CVS to speak at the One Voice Breakfast at Spurriergate Centre.

She has been in the job about a year now and explained that she was keen for all the agencies, providers and interested parties linked together, so that they understood each other, and where possible worked together.

CVS has many resources to share with voluntary groups from it’s base in Priory Street. These span advice, charity accounts, managing volunteers, fundraising, and support for trustees etc.

She was keen that One Voice York and other groups become part of the Strategic Forum – so that ideas and direction can be shared.

Obviously the Big Society, changes in the NHS, and delivery of public services are currently becoming very important to all the community. Wisdom is needed as to how CVS fills gaps. The changing demographics also have a bearing on the focus of help that is needed.

One practical project is to gather information about what is happening in and around York, CVS are looking at a model used in Nottingham that was impressive, and encouraged churches to play their part in this auditing. This is aimed at discovering the scope, reach, value, and benefit of schemes currently running – and perhaps to also identify gaps too.

It was excellent to hear the range of provision that CVS offered explained so clearly.

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