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About Us


Graham Hutchinson former Co-chair of One Voice York – and formerly Pastor at York Elim speaking a number of years ago:

David Casswell – Chaplain with One Voice York, explains how the weekly Leaders prayer meeting has been sustained over, what is now, more than two decades…



One Voice York Christian Leaders Weekly Prayer Meeting:



Every week* Christian leaders from all over York gather to pray together for the city of York. This meeting began in 1999 when just a handful of leaders got together and today there are regularly over 30 meeting on a Wednesday morning at 9am for 9.30am-10.30am prayer.


From time to time specific groups make a presentation to us to help us direct our praying. On the first Wednesday in every month we have a theme of praying for young people in the city, youth workers and their various groups.

If you are the leader or a Christian Church or Ministry in the city why not join us to pray? We meet at the ‘House of Prayer’ St Cuthberts, Peasholme Green. If you have any questions email us here.

*except for the month of August and the week between Christmas and New year.


What is One Voice York and what does it do?


One Voice York is the umbrella organisation of those churches in York who cooperate together in prayer and mission.

One Voice has no membership, just a handful of trustees, but we have become a large network of Church leaders, and leaders of associated ministries, across the denominations and traditions. One Voice’s life is rooted in the weekly Wednesday morning prayer meeting – a remarkable group praying in agreement and relationship rather than tradition or compromise.
One Voice facilitates the building of relationships between Christian leaders and ministries within the city, and is the conduit between the church and civic authorities.

One Voice organises events and ministries in the city, branding some to let everyone know that they are open to all.

One Voice was first formed in 1990 to plan a major mission in York, but began to really grow after a weekly prayer meeting was started for Christian leaders in 1999. This prayer meeting has seen substantial growth since 2004 and now has a regular attendance of about 40 Christian leaders.

Here are some of the things that have happened over the years… but we are currently asking the Lord to help us go deeper into unity and see vision and strategy emerge for a fuller transformation of the City.


Things OVY Initiated directly out of prayer and relationship:


  • OVY Christian Leaders Prayer
  • Breakfasts with civic and other leaders
  • York Christian Heritage Walk
  • York School of theology
  • Easter Baptisms
  • Pentecost Celebrations
  • Family Matters
  • Chaplaincy – York Races. Care Homes. Council etc..
  • Street Angels
  • Food Bank
  • Healing on the streets


Because of the atmosphere of unity in the City… other things were formed:


  • Carecent and big breakfast
  • Besom
  • Bundles of joy
  • York Neighbours
  • Restore
  • Archbishop of York Youth Trust
  • Friends international
  • Eat well spend less
  • Joseph Trust
  • Kids Klub
  • Hope Cafe
  • Young at heart