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CoYC asks for help 2014

When Kersten England, the CYC Chief Exec, visited One Voice in April she asked if the church in York could help with the needs of the elderly and lonely. She also asked if One Voice could help recruit, from the churches, people to apply for training as foster carers.

We responded by praying over those challenges and are delighted to announce…

Link Visitation Scheme coming to York

This Scheme aims to befriend and support anyone who is isolated or lonely and who would benefit from receiving a regular visitor. The majority of those visited are older people, but there are no age restrictions applied.

The scheme relies on volunteers in order to improve and enhance the lives of elderly people and other isolated or lonely people. Volunteers are asked to give one or two hours per week, or per fortnight, to visit and offer friendship and support.

There are a number of churches and church community cafes across York which would like to add this ministry their existing ones. Would your church or organisation like to be a part of this?

In order to use the Link Visitation model, their policy documents, insurance policy, etc all volunteers must attend their training. The first batch of volunteers can attend a free training session on the afternoon of Monday 10th Nov 2014, 12:30 PM- 5:00 PM, Elim Corner, First Floor 47 Lawrence Street, York, YO10 3BU. To enroll for the training please email graham.hutchinson@onevoiceyork.org.uk.

See http://linkvisiting.org/ for more details of the scheme.

Hope For 800 – Fostering and Adoption

Every day children are taken into care.  They are removed from homes where there is usually great sadness and where they may have encountered chaotic, traumatic, abusive, neglectful or frightening situations.

– some of them need a home in an emergency

– some of them need a temporary home until they can return home

– some of them need an occasional home to give their families or carers a break

– some of them need a permanent home with a new family

York urgently needs more foster carers. The City of York Council has asked One Voice if Christians in York could provide 20 new foster care homes.  The church is ideally placed to meet this need – both in terms of finding families that want to lovingly care for children and in providing a community of support to those who do foster, through prayer and practical support.

So why not make a difference and be part of transforming the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in York!

Come along to a meeting on 2nd November to meet other people interested in fostering, foster carers, and Council representatives responsible for training foster carers and ask as many questions as you like! Leaders, please make this opportunity known in your churches.

Meeting details:

Sunday 2nd November 2014, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

Elim Corner, First Floor 47 Lawrence Street, York, YO10 3BU.

Parking in car park behind building.

You can find out more today by contacting Nigel Poulton (07845193402) or Rachel Poulton (07540826345) and visit the Home for Good website.


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