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Dave Hill visits One Voice

On Wednesday 20th September the weekly One Voice prayer meeting had a special guest – Dave Hill and his party from Hull.

In our gratitude to God for what He is doing amongst Christian leaders in the city of York, it was also good to know that something is happening in Hull too!

After prayer Dave Hill shared how his 40 day Prayer Guide had come out of his personal journey in recent years. Having been a man of great vision, like many, he had become disillusioned and disappointed because of circumstances and issues. In seeking to regain his vision, he walked the pathway of prayer for 40 days and shared this with other Christian leaders in the greater Hull area. The Try Praying  website came out of this initiative.

Last year 60 churches in the Hull area prayed through Lent using the 40 day prayer guide. In addition the guide was used in others areas too. Next year it is believed that the 40 day Prayer Guide will be a feature in many Yorkshire churches and in different cities up and down the UK.

As well as Dave Hill, we heard from Jill Walker, his co-worker in ‘There is Hope’, who is responsible for the production of the prayer guide and Steve Crossley, a church leader from Cottingham.

All of them were encouraging us with the effect of this initiative and after prayer there was a strong feeling among the group that we should push forward with using the prayer guide in 2007.

Watch this space for announcements about a York 40 day prayer guide for Lent 2007.

A copy of the 2006 prayer guide is downloadable here.


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