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‘Dr Life’ speaks out

On Wednesday 23rd November 2011 One Voice were pleased to host an event at Clifton Parish Church with Dr John Patrick.

Dr Patrick was medically trained in London but is the retired Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition from the University of Ottawa in Canada. He has done extensive research into the treatment of childhood nutritional deficiency and related diseases, working on several continents.  Dr Patrick is the President of Augustine College and also behind the Hippocratic Registry.

He now lectures throughout the world speaking to Christian and secular groups on moral issues in medicine and culture and the integration of faith and science. He was on a CMF speaking tour and it was a great opportunity to listen to him as he passed through York.

Dr Patrick spoke on “A Good Death: Physician Assisted Suicide and End of life Decisions”. In a week in which there had been much publicity surrounding the visit of a pro-euthanasia speaker to York, it was excellent to hear an academic and a medical professional address the subject from a developed Christian moral framework.

Dr John took us back in history to Hippocrates and discussed the huge step forward in medicine that took place with the Hippocratic Oath, especially the promise to ‘never do harm’.

Dealing with the philosophy of medicine and the moral impact of Christianity, Dr John took us on a journey that explained why we are now asking questions about ending life.

On the need of a moral framework that had room for conscience he asked us whether we would want to be treated by a Doctor with no conscience, and gave dramatic examples from other countries.

Dr John Patrick left us with the message that we must once again teach Christian morality in our nation and not give up on life.

We apologise that there is no recording of the event.


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