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Flat-Pack Courses Summer 2007

The York School of Theology Flat-Pack Courses for the Summer Term 2007 are as follows:

Time: Tuesday evening at 7:30pm, 24th April to 26th June.

Venue: Hestlington Parish Church.

“The Bible in Five Weeks” from 24th April to 22nd May ’07. Tutor: Derek Wooldridge.

Subjects: 24/4 Life of Jesus, Gospels, Acts and Letters. 1/5 Books of the Law. 8/5 Judges, Kings, Wisdom. 15/5 Kings and More Kings. 22/5 Exile and Return.

“Interpreting Scripture. Keys to understanding the Bible”. From 29th May to 12th June. Tutor: David Lavery.

A three week course in Biblical interpretation. Learn principles of Bible study that will give a sound understanding and build a firm foundation in your life. Subjects: 29/5 The Basics of Bible interpretation. Sound methods for bridging the gaps. 5/6 Understanding types and shadows. The Literal, Allegory and Metaphor. 12/6 Interpreting parables. Putting it all into practice.

“The 1 to1 Equipping Tool Kit”, a two week course, 19th and 26th June. Tutor: Graham Hutchinson.

The 1to1 Equipping Tool kit, aka Cup of Coffee Course, Is a tool kit for a short equipping course that a believer can go through with a new Christian friend. Designed for use in an informal social rendezvous such as meeting in a coffee shop. Can be used almost anywhere!. Five brief but purposeful encounters covering the themes of Hebrews 6:1-3, Faith & Repentance, Baptisms, Prayer, The New Life, and lastly The Church.

Explanation of Flat-pack Equipping Course
Why “Flat-pack?” Because like the furniture, when you get it home you will need to get it out of the box and build it yourself!

The Flat-pack Equipping course is designed for those who are in York for a limited time, particularly Internationals or anyone seeking short term training.

Flat-pack consists of many short stand-alone courses, designed to fit in with the demands of a busy lifestyle, and to go alongside practical experience gained in the local church. It will has three main streams,

1) School of Maturity – how to be the person we should be

2) School of Ministry – skills such as how to preach, leadership, etc

3) School of Scripture – book overviews and introductions, Christian doctrine, etc.

The aim is to lay a foundation of equipping as quickly as possible, which can be built upon later. Those trained will be able to use what they have learned as they move on to new situations, taking with them materials which will then enable them to train and equip others.

Book ahead or turn up on the night.


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