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Global Day of Prayer 2008

A great crowd gathered in York Minster on Sunday May 11th for the Global Day of Prayer. A specially commissioned art installation depicted the burden of prayer in Hope 08 and we joined in that theme to exercise that burden together.

We were called together to pray by a great trumpet blast – a pattern that was repeated at the start of different phases of the evening. Worship lead by was followed by a joint ‘act of turning’ as we forgave all, repented of our personal sin and that of our nation. We were reminded that we were now forgiven so that we could seek God’s face for the nation.

The church leaders of the city and surrounding areas were called out into the great aisle of the Nave of York Minster as we prayed for them, releasing a blessing and calling for the spirit of Jesus to form the fruits of Galatians 5 in their lives.

We then turned our praying to a call for personal, local and national revival – calling for the breath of God and the return of the nation to Christ.

We then began a prayer parade as we rose to our feet and walked around a 12 part display in the minster of prayer points for our council, education and health services, police, churches and the many facets of greater York.

In one part of the Nave a prayer tent had been erected for personal prayer. The 24/7 style prayer space created here was inspiring and many people visited it during the event.

As we turned our attention to our world the nations of Burma and Zimbabwe were very much on our hearts. We also focussed in on youth issues and then all joined together for the world prayer. Representatives of many nations joined in the world prayer.

The Lord Mayor and Sheriff of York were at last year’s Global Day of Prayer service at the start of their year of office. They allowed us to pray for them then and we also had the privilege of welcoming them back at the end of their year to bless them once more.

To close the Civic Party lead us out of the building with flaming torches. Outside church leaders with flaming torches had already formed a huge semi-circle surrounding us with fire as the final prayer took place on the steps of the Minster.

Another great act of unity was complete, but the praying and activity has only just begun as we stand and act  in faith for revival in our city and nation.



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