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Global Day of Prayer 2010

Pentecost will be celebrated in York on May 23rd on the walls of the city and in York Minster.

Organised Prayer on the Walls will be first followed by a march to the Minster where prayer will continue.

Prayer on the walls will start at 5.45pm until 6pm in three sections. Check with your church leader so you know where your group has been allocated a position on the walls.

For those unable to ascend the walls, there will be special provision. We have been given permission to use the Residents’ Garden, behind the Minster Library, which goes straight to the walls and is very easily accessible.
Gather in Dean Park, behind the Minster, and you will be directed from there. Prayers for this group will be led by the hospital chaplaincy. Remember to bring a folding chair if you want!

At 6pm we will walk to the Minster where a family prayer service will begin at 6.30pm which will have breakaway groups for youth, spiritual warfare, taize, and many others.

Expect to encounter God’s Holy Spirit together.


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