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Godfrey Birtill and the Knights

Knights of Prayer is a monthly One Voice event that brings people form churches all over York together as they pray through the night on the last Friday of the month.

On September 27th we started a little earlier and International Worship Leader Godfrey Birtill came to lead us in worship for almost two hours as we prepared ourselves for prayer.

Godfrey writes some of the most popular songs the church is using at the moment and also leads worship at a number of high profile events such as Trumpet call, Spring Harvest, & Grapevine etc.

As Godfrey lead some of his best known songs there were times in which prophetic words were spoken over the city and people were moved to intercede over York.

There was a time of ministry to people who came forward and we were incited to go for God. Godfrey introduced us to a new song written that week called “Very God” and as we sang “Lord turn your footsteps” there was a remarkable manifestation of victory in the room.

After Godfrey left there was an unusual time of prophecy and seeking God. We then spent the whole night praying for Muslims all around the world as we were in Ramadan.

KOP (Knights of Prayer) is an amazing event that can flow from being hard work to being an incredible experience. Sometimes the presence of God is so tangible we can’t speak, other times the room is noisy. Some sit, some stand, some walk around. If you haven’t tried it then why not come for a couple of hours? We pray from 9pm to 6am. Be creative – set you alarm for 2am and join us in the middle of the night!

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