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Godfrey Birtill at Knights of Prayer

The last Friday of the month is when ‘One Voice’ prays through the night. This night of spiritual warfare and intercession had a terrific start on January 27th when Godfrey Birtill led the first two hours.
Godfrey Birtill, one of the UK’s premier worship leaders, is based in Lincoln, but travels the all over the country (and internationally). Godfrey stands out amongst his peers as having a tremendous anointing in intercession and ‘inciting to pray’.

Godfrey’s repertoire covers the huge repertoire of songs he has written, which have the most amazing range of direct and challenging lyrics. Godfrey is also known for his arrangements of some old hymns like ‘O for a thousand tongues to sing’ and ‘And can it be’. Without doubt Godfrey’s signature piece is a hymn written by his great, great …great uncle James Montgomery ‘Lift up your heads’.

One of the highlights was Godfrey’s new song “Rise Up” which was faith building, encouraging and marked by a special touch of God’s Holy Spirit.

What was amazing was all the different ways that people felt God had spoken to them during the worship time. I always notice that when I am listening to one of Godrey’s CD’s or in a meeting lead by him, I can be worshipping God and doing warfare and enjoying it all in one go!
Godfrey laid a great foundation for the rest of the night. We continued to pray for a further 8 hours after he left. As the TV cameras were in York for ‘Ghost Towns Live’ and it was also “residents free weekend”, we prayed for the freedom of Christ in the city and the freedom of our people. We prayed over the four gates of the city and we fought principalities and powers that have held York in their grip for far too long.

The Ghost Towns event was left in a shambles as the police moved in and arrested a member of the team -a powerful thing prayer!
We had special times of prayer for Archbishop John Sentamu, for the various expressions of ‘One Voice’ and for the many ministries in our city. We also prayed over the particular themes of ‘Overcoming’ and ‘Breaking the power of lies’.

We also prayed for the York University C.U. as they were about to enter missions week and for the chaplaincy who struggle with a team member short. We also prayed for the increasing ministry of Yorkstudents.org. We remembered the world stage, the crisis of leadership in the Middle East, and the war in Iraq.
As normal some people came for a few minutes and some came for a few hours – the ‘hard’ core stopped the night.
Frank Mason having recently returned from South Africa, told how he had visited the missionary group we had prayed for before he set off, to find that all the prayer points had been answered. Thank God for his goodness – and a reminder that something happens when Christians get together and pray meaning business.
‘Knights of Prayer’ can be very hard work – battling the body’s desire to give in and sleep – but it is also an exciting point in each month as we know that prayer works and storming the gates of hell is a very satisfying experience.

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