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Hope Invasion

Have you ever asked the question; ‘Where are all the young people in church?’ Have you been praying for the young people in York to know God? Do you long to see the next generation living for Jesus in this city? As youth leaders in York we’ve been praying about this, and we believe God is calling the churches in York to do something big. Under the banner of UNITE we’ve been working more closely together for a while, and our collective desire to reach young people has led us to plan York’s biggest ever youth outreach initiative…

Hope Invasion aims to give every 11 – 14 year old in York the opportunity to hear about the good news of Jesus and respond to it.

It is our hope and prayer that we will literally see a Hope Invasion and see a significant number of young people give their lives to Jesus. To achieve this we need as many churches to be involved as possible. Please take a few minutes to watch this video detailing the plans so far before reading on…

Click here to view promo video

How can our church be involved?
Spreading the word

To get your congregation up to speed with the plans we’d love it if your church would consider showing this video to your congregation sometime in the next month. You can use this YouTube link or download it directly here. Alternatively, we can send you this video on DVD format if you provide us with a postal address. Also, please make sure every member of your congregation gets a copy of the leaflet to take away with them; please let us know how many you need.
There are many ways in which members of your church community can volunteer as part of Hope Invasion, and there are a whole variety of roles to choose from. This is an amazing opportunity for the diverse body of Christ to unite together with a common goal. Please visit our volunteering page here to see all the opportunities.
Big dreams need big prayers to make them a reality. One of the most important things that you can do as a church is to pray for this initiative. We’d love to provide each member of your church with a free wristband to help them to remember to pray for Hope Invasion. If you or your prayer coordinator would like to receive the weekly prayer bulletin, email info@hopeinvasion.co.uk
Financial Support
Finally, we’d ask that your church prayerfully consider whether you can support this mission financially. We’re aiming to reach thousands of young people through quality events and it will cost in the region of £15,000. If every church in York gives £500 then we’re pretty much there! The finances for Hope Invasion are going through the One Voice York account so cheques can be made out to “One Voice York” and posted to One Voice, c/o Elim Offices, First Floor 47 Lawrence Street, York, YO10 3BU. Alternative ways to donate are listed on the website.
What next?
When you show the video in your church we’d love to give each member of your congregation a leaflet to explain more and a wristband to remind them to pray. Please email info@hopeinvasion.co.uk with your postal address and the number of leaflets/wristbands you require and we will get them to you.
Thank you for your time and thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything about this mission please do not hesitate to contact one of the Hope Invasion planning team.
Yours in Christ,
Caleb Ellwood – Gateway Church
Tony Bower – York Schools and Youth Trust
Suze Newton – York Elim
Tom Clark – St Michael le Belfrey
James Simister – St Michael le Belfrey/Huntington Parish
Simon Jones – Clifton Parish Church
Hannah Frost – St Paul’s Church

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