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New Regular Time for the Walk

The Christian Heritage Walk is still enjoying success. We have however altered the regular timing of the Walk so that whilst it continues to take place every Wednesday it will be starting (from Constantine’s statue) at the new time of 11.30am.

As at present and throughout this period, specially arranged groups can be accommodated at other agreed times. Would you kindly help us by putting this information in your church news. You might also consider making a fee permanent electronic link from your church website to http://www.onevoiceyork.org.uk/micrositelist.asp?cid=151

We would be grateful if you could continue to encourage your members and visitors to come and enjoy this fascinating walk. More fliers are available from the telephone numbers below.

The YCHW team 5th March 2008
@ (01904) 738490 or 622100 or 758208 or 423277 or 427091

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