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New vision for Spurriergate







Since its foundation, the Spurriergate centre has always had a Christian purpose. The Trustees and staff love God and want to follow Jesus by serving the people of York and its visitors in a unique way. This has been a Christian centre for over a thousand years and the Lord wants us to continue to pour out his love here.

The Spurriergate restaurant, cafe and shop closed in early July. The Trustees and remaining staff know that this saddened many people, but we could not continue to pay our way.

We have been told that our closure affected a lot of people personally and that some have found it difficult to find alternatives to meet their needs.

Has something special been lost through our closure? We think it has.


This is the latest news on what we hear the Lord saying to us about the future.

It is not intended to recreate what went before and this is no longer a trading body, but our passion to serve is stronger than ever. Our aim is to enable a range of encounters demonstrating our purpose, and respond warmly to peoples’ needs, spiritually and socially. We are committed to identifying more clearly in what ways Jesus wants us to respond and provide a safe and positive environment, where love and service is offered freely.

There is a flexible and accessible space and a nucleus of committed staff and volunteers to launch this new venture.

Our initial plan is to open from Tuesday November 13th, to welcome and engage with all who come through the door. There will be a particular invitation for those who have previously found comfort here, including people with profound disabilities and families with young children. We have a heart for welcoming those who feel lonely and isolated. We remain committed to social justice and want to reach out to poor and disadvantaged people.

Our professional charitable counselling service will continue.


To renew all this we want to engage again with as many friends as possible to build our community presence and offer more people the opportunity to meet Jesus.

Some groups sharing our vision and purpose continue to meet here; there is room for more.

If you share this desire, please join us at 9.30 any weekday morning. We can pray and seek further God’s heart for this place. Making this vision a reality is so important to all of us.

Please contact us at help@thespurriergatecentre.com to receive further updates, or to arrange to meet us.

If you would like to support this leap of faith financially, we would be pleased to discuss this with you, or please follow the ‘Support us’ link on our website, www.spurriergate.com

We welcome any donations on a regular or one off basis.

THANK YOU – we hope you share our encouragement about the future potential of this very special meeting place.  In Christ, from the Trustees and staff of St Michael’s York, at the Spurriergate centre.


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