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One Voice at the C.R.E.

The Christian Resources Exhibition is a major national event, allowing suppliers of goods, services and ministries to the church to show their wares in one place.

This year it was a joy to see the CRE at Harrogate, and One Voice were invited to speak to a crowd in the suitably named Minster Room on Friday 20th October 2006.

Joint chairs Graham Hutchinson and David Casswell shared the 45 minutes to talk about the history and development of One Voice.

Graham concentrated on where One Voice came from and the roots in prayer that are the common ground between ministers in the city. He told how the ethos of the group had been accepted by those that had joined and that the priority was always to pray for the big picture – for our city.  He told how a group of 3 or 4 had grown to 30 or 40 every Wednesday morning.

David Casswell talked about how the group had started to have an impact through prayer initiatives such as a 24/7 room, the Global Day of Prayer and Knights of Prayer. He also talked about our website reaching students and plans to link churches together in prayer by using the 40 day prayer guide in Lent 2007.

The presentation was light-hearted yet very serious in what it covered.

A question time at the end revealed that a number of people had been touched by what is happening in York.

Listen to what David and Graham said by following this link.


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