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One Voice Launches Healing on the Streets

Saturday 22nd May was a milestone day in York as the first roll-out began of a street based healing ministry in York City-centre.

The first team of church leaders and nominated representatives spent the morning in a dedicated training session that aimed to prepare them for action.

Having ensured that all involved were trained and prepared for this highly public ministry, the first team hit the streets at 1pm for 2 hours of prayer.

Beginning with the raising of a highly conspicuous 12 foot banner that simply says “Healing” with the One Voice logo at the bottom, the team gathered around knelt on the pavement and prayed. After putting out six chairs to be used by people needing prayer, we used the opportunity to hand out fliers explaining why we were there and offer prayer for anyone in need.

The worst reaction we had was from a few people who shook their heads, but the positive reaction by many was very evident. Considering that this was a first effort, we were all over-joyed to see about 30 people request prayer.

A man with an acute skin problem that made making a fist impossible, received an instant touch on one hand where the colour changed in front of our eyes and he was able to use it normally. He came back for a second prayer and the other hand improved. A lady who had pain in her neck for at least two years and found pain-killers ineffective felt the pain go away. A man with no feeling in his feet felt them for the first time in a long while when we prayed for him. Some experienced no change at the time of prayer, but some did – and we are grateful to God for that.

The weather was spectacular, the public response tremendous and the opportunities we were given were humbling. These issues coupled with the remarkable touches from God that we witnessed with our own eyes, left us with a sense that this ministry has been launched with great success. The memories of 22nd May 2010 will stay with us for a long time, and we will always be able to say that we started well because God was with us.

Initially we will be going out once a month, but as we train others and build a significant team for this ministry we will work towards a weekly presence on the streets of York. Watch the dedicated website for more details.


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