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Overtone Final Tour

This month the York Schools and Youth Trust’s dance band Overtone is embarking on their final tour after 6 years of ministry across the city. We caught up with the final line up, Tim Burnage, Dan Finn & Leanne Sedin to find out why the band is coming up to an end and what’s next…

OVY:  So Overtone has been around for 6 years in York; tell me about how it all started…

TB:  Well Overtone was the brain child of Matt Osgood – a music student at the University of York. Matt grew up in Manchester and had seen the World Wide Message Tribe perform on a number of occasions – this inspired Matt to use his music to share the good news with young people. So during the second year of his degree – Matt and some other students started the band, even rehearsing in some tiny campus rooms.

OVY:  Ok – so humble beginnings, but the band has obviously developed dramatically since then – how?

DF:  Firstly, St Mike’s supported the development of Overtone and gave it the opportunity to work in a few secondary schools across the city. And then in 2001, Matt and fellow Overtone member Charlie Files (now Laver) were employed by the York Schools and Youth Trust (YoYo) to continue the work. This gave the band further opportunities to work in schools and also do more gig work – Overtone even supported thebandwithnoname at a couple of gigs as well as performing in Parliament Street.

OVY:  So – how come you lot all ended up working for the Trust?

LS:  Ok well in 2003, YoYo decided to employ a full time band and so Matt was joined by Tim Burnage and Kerstin Gresswell (now Friend). Overtone was able to do lots more assemblies, lunchtime concerts and after school gigs as well as teaching lessons in schools.

OVY:  But still no Dan or Leanne?

LS:  Yeah – not quite yet. Matt & Kerstin both moved on at the end of that year and Sammi and good old Dan came into replace them. Sammi moved on and then I joined from September 2005.

OVY:  Ok – so a long and complicated history then! So for you what have been the best things about being involved in Overtone?

DF:  It’s just great to use our gifts to share Jesus. It’s such a buzz to be able to enjoy performing, worshipping God and communicating Jesus to young people.

LS:  I love singing! I love that God has given me the opportunity to sing and share him with others.

TB:  All of the above plus we’ve had some amazing opportunities to perform at various events, especially in the Minster, like Archbishop David Hope’s leaving service and the annual XS events!

OVY:  So how come the band is coming to an end?

DF:  Overtone has existed for 6 years now and has had an incredible impact – we’ve been able to teach in schools, take assemblies, play at lunchtime and after school concerts and more recently run clubs in schools. In fact, Overtone has given us so much work that we’re now in a place where we don’t have time to carry on being a full time band and full time schools workers. That’s great news really – although it has influenced us to draw the band to a close.

OVY:  That’s great! So what’s the thinking behind “OVERTONE: the final tour”

TB:  We really want to go out with a bang and celebrate the 6 years of Overtone’s ministry. And we thought what better way to do it than with a final tour! So we’re doing a couple of youth club gigs / a lunchtime schools gig (tbc) and also a final extravaganza at the Spurriergate Centre on Friday 21st July.

OVY:  Tell me about the final gig then – any exciting plans?

LS:  Absolutely – it’s gonna be a spectacular evening! As well as your final opportunity to see Overtone perform, we’ll be joined by some of the past members of the band including, Matt, Charlie and Kerstin who’ll be interviewed during the night. They’ll also be a couple of fun treats for the die-hard Overtone fans & your last opportunity to buy Overtone CDs. We’re really looking forward to it and celebrating what God has done through the band over the last 6 years.

OVY:  Great – sounds great – I’ll see you there!

TB / LS / DF:  Yup – Spurriergate Centre, 8pm, Friday 21st July. Your last opportunity to watch Overtone perform!

They think it’s all overtone…it will be on 21st July!

 Download Overtone Final Tour flyer here (250k PDF)

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