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Pentecost in York Minster

Roger Forster 4

On Sunday May 19th approximately 1000 Christians from churches all over the city gathered in York Minster for a powerful expression of unity in the Holy Spirit.

The gathering was lead by Canon David Casswell, Joint Chair of One Voice.

Our guest speaker  was Roger Forster, Leader of Ichthus. You can hear him by clicking here.

The gathering included an interview with the very Rev. Canon. Michael Ryan who is soon to retire from his post after being involved in One Voice for over 13 years. Interviewed by Graham Hutchinson, Joint Chair of One Voice, Michael joked that he had been a Pentecostal for many years.

Michael Ryan and Juliet Wright, the chaplains to the Lord Mayor and the Sherriff, then prayed for the Civic Party.

The meeting  ended with the congregation marching out following the Dean and the Civic Party carrying flaming torches.

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