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Pivotal Moment of Prayer

On Saturday 7th July 2007 (the 7th of the 7th of the 7th) Churches Together and One Voice have decided to come together to pray. We consider it a pivotal moment in time, and a good opportunity to pray because:

– It is now 3 years since On Voice received Lydia’s prophecy

– It will be the second anniversary of the London bombings

– It is a festival day in the city of York

– it is one of those calendar moments that seems significant.

Having decided to pray we were overwhelmed by the Lord Mayor’s invitation to pray in the Guildhall.

We will therefore be meeting at 11.30am in the Guildhall to pray until 12.30pm with the civic party in attendance.

We will pray for the peace and security of our city, our nation and our world, and for the move of God in York to fulfil Lydia’s prophecy.

Come and join Churches Together and One Voice as we offer up significant prayers.

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