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Praying with Youth Workers

On the first Wednesday in each month, the One Voice Leaders prayer meeting is given over to youth issues. The Youth Leaders are always involved in this group and on October 4th Carl Tinnion of YWAM led our praying.

Carl set rice out on the floor on plates and left most plates empty. He recounted the story of the King’s Chessboard – a wise man asks the King for payment of one grain of rice on the first square of a chessboard, followed by two on the second, 4 on the third and so on. Before long there is not enough rice in the kingdom to pay the wise man with.


Carl said that this represents the growth the church can have among young people if they each bring one other person to Jesus. He encouraged us to spread out the rice onto other plates as we prayed for multiplication. He specifically asked us to pray for revival within 5 years.

Also we prayed in small groups each one with a youth worker and we prayed for their individual needs.

Finally we all prayed together for the Youth workers by gathering around them and laying on our hands.


These times together vary tremendously in content and style, but the sincerity, freshness and interaction with the Holy Spirit are always there.

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