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Public Leadership Training Day

Dr Dave Landrum

On Saturday 5th October 2013, the Evangelical Alliance sent their parliamentary officer, Daniel Webster, and their head of advocacy, Dr Dave Landrum, to York to deliver some exciting training. This training day was on the subject of “Public Leadership” but could have been subtitled: “Stop waiting for Wilberforce: why the world needs more ordinary Christians“.

This training day showed us why and how the Church can develop public leadership as a vital part of its ministry. As we take responsibility for the communities that God has placed us in, it is essential that we understand how to engage with politics, and to become a voice in the media.

Daniel Webster

The Church needs leaders in every area of public life – servant-leaders committed to bringing change to their communities – Christian voices and influencers willing to speak up and make a difference on a local and national level, and this course empowered and equipped us for this aim.

Dave and Danny helped us look at our situation and consider how we and our churches can have a deeper and longer lasting influence in your community.

This day was amazing and we commend the work of the EA.

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