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Ten Days of Prayer

In the build up to the Global Day of Prayer on 15th May, 24 hour prayer started in York on Friday May 6th at noon.
Clifton Parish Church donated the prayer room, which was decorated by the YWAM team as a modern 24/7 room.

Individual churches managed a day each in the prayer room. 
Individuals, couples and groups booked the room around the clock and Christians of all traditions prayed in the way in which they were comfortable in the fabulous surroundings of the prayer room.
As each person’s hour expired they prayed with the next person and ‘handed-over’ the room. On the ‘wailing wall’ were prayer requests written in a simple but moving style. 

On the art wall, pictures and drawings were expressing the creativity of those who came to the room. Also verses of scripture and songs or poems were written all over the walls as people shared revelations and encouragements.

The mixture of soft carpets, bean bags and chairs gave every one an option of position when praying – but there was enough room to walk around too.
Comments like “next time we do this I am booking two hours” were common and “that hour just flew past” was also heard a number of times.
The prayer room closed on Sunday 15th in time for the Fire Festival at York Minster when hundreds of Christians came together to pray and celebrate Pentecost.

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