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There is Hope

Biblically ‘hope’ is a ‘confident expectation’. Through the relationships between a number of Christian prayer and action groups a vision of great expectation for our nation has been born – Hope 08.

Trumpet Call IV at the NEC, featured the launch of “Redeeming our Communities” as a national initiative. The idea is to have an impact on our communities at the social and practical level from a launch-pad of prayer. This may include working with councils, police forces and other civic groups, but will be an expression of the love and blessing of God to our cities.

Redeeming our Communities is a long term goal – not just a slogan. Hope 08 is the initiative which will encompass a year (2008) of events and projects that work towards this goal.

One Voice have become one of the first groups, and York one of the first cities, to register for Hope 08.

We are now listed on the Redeeming our Communities and Hope 08 websites. It is great to see the city of York and the churches of York as part of this

One Voice are working towards our own individualised programme for 2008 that will be redeeming and relevant for York. Watch this website for details!


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