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Torch Trust Training Day 2015

York Church Leaders Training Day

Developing a vision for people with sight loss
13th May 2015, 10am to 3pm at The Ark Church, Monkgate in York

Aim for Church leaders to be:
1) Inspired to support people with sight  loss in their congregations and reach out to their communities
2) Confident in communicating with people with sight loss
3) Committed to developing ministries that include people with sight loss

9.30am Coffee & Registration
10am  Welcome & Introduction to the day   Pat & James
10.05am Disability in the Church: Responding with grace  James
Local needs
10.50am Break
11.05am Visual Awareness Training (session 1)    Pat
12.15pm Lunch
1.00pm Visual Awareness Training (session 2)    Pat
1.55pm Break
2.10pm Community Outreach: Journeying With & Fresh Expression Fellowship Groups (Presentation on these areas of Torch Work: The aim is to get them thinking about ways Torch can support ministry and mission in their local churches)      James
2.25pm Response Workshop: What am I going to do? What is my Church going to do?        Pat & James
2.55pm Close:
Gauge potential for another meeting or individual meeti ngs to explore Journeying With or Fellowship Groups with individual churches

For more details email: jamess@torchtrust.org

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