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The rapidly-expanding When2Pray network has launched a brand new web site .  The aim is that thousands of Christian couples visit the site to be encouraged with the joys and benefits of praying together.

One survey revealed the stunning statistic that while the national average of marriage breakdown is two-in-five, for couples who pray together, the figure improves to one-in-four hundred!

The When2Pray initiative was started when Barrie and Eileen Jones co-authored a book with the When2Pray title. They suggest that “although most Christian couples say that they would like to pray together, many find it difficult in practice: the simple aim of the prayer network is to help couples make a start. Praying regularly as a couple is a significant factor in deepening couple intimacy and strengthening relationships.”

The When2Pray network has been working to champion the benefits of couples praying together and offering creative ideas to help this happen.

The When2Pray web site has three aims:
1. To help couples to pray together for the first time
2. Encourage couples that have stopped to start again
3. To provide inspiration for those who already pray together.

The attractively designed web site offers a variety of resources: snatches of biblical teaching; helpful practical tips; opportunities to join the network and make contact with other couples on the same adventure.



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