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Who are One Voice?

One Voice is the umbrella organisation of those churches in York who cooperate together in prayer and mission.

One Voice has no membership, just a handful of trustees, but we have become a large network of Church leaders, and leaders of associated ministries, across the denominations and traditions. One Voice’s life is rooted in the weekly Wednesday morning prayer meeting – a remarkable group rooted in agreement and relationship rather than tradition or compromise.
One Voice facilitates the building of relationships between Christian leaders and ministries within the city.

One Voice organises events and ministries in the city, branding some to let everyone know that they are open to all.

One Voice was first formed in 1990 to plan a major mission in York, but began to really grow after a weekly prayer meeting was started for Christian leaders in 1999. This prayer meeting has seen substantial growth since 2004 and now has a regular attendance of about 40 Christian leaders.


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