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Words from the Lord

We invite you to consider these two messages that have been brought to the One Voice Leaders prayer meeting. They could be said to be words or prophesies from the Lord. Do download and share with your people.

The first was given by a woman called Lydia, from Kenya. She was visiting England with a church delegation at the end of June 2004. She said,

“If this group continues to pray for the City of York, and for Christian ministers and people, in a strong spirit of unity;  and if this group intensifies its focus on God’s will for this City: there will be an explosion of evangelism and belief, in this City in three years, and many bleeding and wounded hearts of church leaders will be healed and renewed.”

Then, in April 2006, a woman called Simea Meldrum, (the director of a project called Living Waters in Olinda, Brazil) was the guest speaker at the St Mike’s house party. She brought this prophesy:

“God’s blessing in England will increasingly be focused in the City of York where He is preparing to pour out His Spirit upon Christian Leaders in revival power. Iron gates now closed will open if leaders do not lose heart but continue to seek my face. They must not become discouraged but remember what I have previously promised.”

Why York?
Now you may ask, as we did, “why York?” We don’t know. But it is interesting that York was one of the first places in England to send out the Gospel. We are celebrating Constantine’s connection with the City this year. Also the appointment of Archbishop Sentamu has made an impact not only locally and nationally but also internationally!

Whatever God’s reasoning, if it is true, we don’t have long to wait! We do have things to do!

We must continue to pray together. If you are a Christian leader in York please, please covenant to attend the prayer meeting at least once a month. Be there! Be part of this prayer. Encourage others. Don’t be separate. Forgive, and walk in the light. There are differences of style and preference but let’s celebrate what we agree, and agree in prayer. Prayer and unity will release God’s power, and God will command the blessing! (see Ps. 133, John 17 etc.)

And we must plan. Plan to sow, reap and disciple. Let’s be ‘one voice’ for Jesus and get ready for His kingdom!

David Casswell, Joint Chair

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