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York Evangelism Consulation

Recent landmark research of the UK population, Talking Jesus, shows that an increasing number of people have little understanding of who Jesus is – with four in ten not even being sure that Jesus was a real person who lived on earth.

More about Talking Jesus…
· Talking Jesus is a recent piece research, commissioned by the Evangelical Alliance, Church of England and HOPE, into the perceptions people in England have of Jesus, Christians and evangelism
· Encouraging news includes two-thirds of practising Christians having talked about Jesus with a non-Christian in the last month, and one in five non-Christians saying they are “open to an experience or encounter with Jesus” after speaking with a Christian about him.
· But there’s also more sobering news, with six in 10 of all English non-Christians having never had a conversation with a Christian about Jesus, and the same proportion of non-Christians not wanting to know more about Jesus following a conversation with a Christian about him.
· Read more in the GATHER news article, or on the Talking Jesus website (www.talkingjesus.org)

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