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York School of Theology

YST is a brand-new venture by churches in York to provide practical Christian training for today.

Courses accredited by St John’s College, Nottingham and/or the Open University
Training courses for practical Christian ministry
Open to all people and all kinds of churches

When does it Start ?
In the autumn of 2006, beginning on Monday 9th October. Courses operate on Monday and Tuesday evenings, 7.30 to 9.30 pm. Terms are ten weeks long.

What Qualifications do I need to do YST courses ?
None at all ! Anybody can sign up for them. YST is using tried and tested courses, which people with no qualifications and postgraduates have both found valuable

How Much Time Does it Take ?
Each course is taught across ten evening sessions (plus coursework). But there are no deadlines for assignments, so students work at their own pace.

Where is it ?
Courses will use a variety of church premises across York.

Who Runs it ?
YST is part of ‘One Voice York’, a network of many different churches and Christian organisations, based in and around York.

What does it Cost ?
£85 per course, including course materials and tuition.

How far can I go with YST courses ?
YST courses are freestanding. But they can build up to the Certificate in Christian Studies from St John’s College, Nottingham. Students can also work towards a Certificate of Higher Education in Theology and Vocation validated by the Open University. In addition, courses can act in place of the first year of the BA degrees in Theology offered either by the Open Theological College or St John’s College, Nottingham.



New Testament Introduction – Autumn 2006
Explore how people lived in New Testament times and then work through all the books of the New Testament and how they speak to our times.

Christian Ethics – Autumn 2006
Develop the tools to tackle ethical issues, whilst constantly making connections with situations in everyday life – including issues like work and business, personal relationships and questions of life and death.

Old Testament Introduction – Spring 2007
Learn about the world of the Old Testament, its history and culture. You’ll learn how to read the Old Testament in its true context – and how it speaks to us today.

The Holy Spirit – Spring 2007
Reflect on your experience of the Holy Spirit, then look at who the Holy Spirit is, not least in relation to the doctrine of the Trinity. Study how individuals and the church can
‘live in the spirit’

Ministry and Mission in the Local Church – Summer 2007
Start by exploring how the New Testament sees the nature of Christian ministry. Then turn to the local church today – how it can live and grow; the role of leadership, authority and teamwork. You will also explore your own Christian gifting within the local church.

God and the World – Summer 2007
See how the Bible helps us make sense of the world in which we live and how it compares with other worldviews. You will explore what it means to be human, the value of human work and rest, the significance of family, community and human rights.

Other Courses Offered by YST
YST ‘Youth Stream’: courses designed to train people engaged in work with children and young people. Additional courses will be offered by YST during 2006.

York School of Theology
St Cuthbert’s Centre
Peasholme Green
York YO1 7PW

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